compute as a service


a fully managed Web3 infrastructure focused on projects about Depin or AI

fair, open and decentralized

At Satea, we're on a mission to democratize access to computing resources worldwide. We simplify the complexities, enabling individuals to participate in fair, open, and decentralized Web3 ecosystems. 

With tailored solutions and top-notch managed services, we empower Web3 developers, builders, and users.


Computing support

Provide decentralized computing support and data solutions for DePIN and AI project landing.

high scalability

The high scalability of SOLA hardware can be customized to meet the unique needs of different AI and DePIN partners.

Easy to use

Users do not need to be concerned about the complex processes, technical thresholds of running the project.

Singapore Local Deployment

Singapore 10 Gigabit broadband, each individually configured data center server, Ping < 20 ms, average 200+ Mbps.

Separate devices and accounts

Standalone device registers for a standalone Gmail email address and binds to a cell phone card.

High-quality cloud service vendors

High-quality cloud service vendors do IP isolation to ensure that one machine has one IP.



SOLA is a line of hardware launched by Satea to remove the barriers to blockchain participation for the average user.

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sola store

RWA Tokenization Marketplace. The marketplace allows for sola trading, arithmetic leasing, and NFT / tokeniza-tion of large assets (A100, etc.).

Coming Soon

Mock list

The mock list is an OTC marketplace for test tokens launched by Satea. to support the needs of users for test network interactions and node operations.

Coming Soon


Easy Deployment of Nodes

Previous Node

Profits obtained from running nodes in the past.